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and Recruitment Firm

The right leaders for the right opportunities

South End Partners is an executive recruitment, search & HR consulting firm that uses behavioural and cognitive insights to help you hire your next great leader.

As a leading Canadian search firm, we identify leaders who deliver results and are aligned with your organizational values. Our goal is to design successful human capital strategies that empower positive change through leadership.

Our Toronto based recruitment firm has created a completely unique search experience for our clients, built for how search should work, not just how it’s always been done.

South End Partners is fueled by the power of data insights to help clients hire objectively and effectively. It’s what differentiates our team and approach. It's what makes us a true hiring partner for our clients. 

Most recruiters screen based only on experience, and deliver candidates using subjective processes. We do things better. 

We leverage behavioural and cognitive data insights to align values, behaviours and skills. We remove subjectivity from the hiring process by screening candidates for: 

  1. Values: Do they believe in the core mission of your organization?  Are they driven by the same goals?  How will they impact your team?
  2. Cognitive and behavioural attributes: Will they succeed in the role?  What drives and motivates them?  How do they deal with stress?  Are they capable of driving change?
  3. Experience: How have they achieved results?  Can they prove it?  How do they learn and do they continue to develop their skills to be leaders of tomorrow?

The result? Our clients leverage data and insights that help prevent subjective hires. They don't waste time and resources interviewing and onboarding people who leave after a few months because they are not a “cultural fit’ or fail to deliver results. They hire leaders who immerse into their organization’s culture quickly, easily and focus on building high performing teams. 

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