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Humans Resources is a vital element of the growth and long-term success of any company. At South End Partners we understand this critical link to your business success, and we are dedicated to helping you find, hire and retain the talent who can deliver on these needs – with knowledge, proficiency, speed and discretion.

Human resources jobs require an understanding of not only of the HR field, but of the legal and cultural requirements related to doing business in Canada and around the globe.

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Our executive recruiting consultants consistently and reliably place talented HR professionals who quickly make an impact on their organizations.

We have successfully recruited and placed Human Resource leaders across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and throughout the U.S. 

We recruit for all human resources and operations leadership positions including: 

Vice President of Human Resources, Director of Human Resources; Manager of Human Resources; Human Resource Generalist, Human Resource Specialist, Benefits Specialist, Director of Labour Relations, Manager of Labour Relations, Health and Safety Officers. 

How we help you recruit your next human resource leader

We are fueled by the power of data insights to help clients hire objectively and effectively. It’s what differentiates our team and approach. It’s what makes us a true hiring partner for our clients. 

Using our behavioural analytics, we are able to identify tell-tale behaviours that make human resources leaders successful.  We screen for traits like: self-confidence, initiative, interpersonal skills, drive to get things done, detail, compassion, ability to manage multiple priorities and the ability to drive results.

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