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At South End Partners, we know how to recruit sales leadership talent because we are a team of top-performing sales leaders and former sales executives.  We have successfully recruited and placed sales leaders across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and throughout the U.S. 

We are passionate, relentless and driven to deliver true sales leaders for our clients. As sales recruiters, we seek to deeply understand our clients’ value propositions, and we use our network + industry-leading assessment tools to identify the best of the best.

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We are fueled by the power of data insights to help clients hire objectively and effectively. It’s what differentiates our team and approach. It’s what makes us a true hiring partner for our clients. 

Using our behavioural analytics we are able to identify telltale behaviours that make salespeople successful.  We screen for traits like self-confidence, extroverts, possessing a high level of drive, enjoying a fast-paced environment, ability to manage multiple priorities, the ability to take initiative and drive results.  

We understand what drives and motivates sales talent, how to identify a true hunter mentality and how to entice top sales superstars to your organization. We help our clients find top-performing sales professionals so they can build top-performing sales teams that generate revenue, grow their customer base and drive tremendous value.

We recruit for all sales leadership positions: 

  • VP of Sales
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Business Development Manager

How we help you recruit your next sales leader

As sales leaders ourselves, we recruit the best sales superstars in the market. But in order to do that we first start by understanding our clients’ organizations inside and out. We get to know your culture, your pain points and what your team needs to grow forward.  We work with you to craft a profile of the ideal candidate – so that we can deliver nothing less than the best. 

We then tap into our network of sales talent and conduct in-depth research to find the best fit for your organization. Leveraging our industry-leading assessment tools we measure key cognitive and behavioural traits to understand what motivates candidates, how they react to stress and pressure, and what makes them perform. 

As a result, we present our clients with top tier sales candidates that are not only sales performers but will be a cultural and values fit within their organization. 

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