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Access new talent pools with skills-based hiring. 

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Skills-based hiring gives your company a competitive advantage by allowing you to access untapped talent pools.


Whether you are actively recruiting or planning your long term talent and HR strategy, building a skills based hiring approach will set you up for long term hiring success. 

Here are some tips for getting started: 

Start one role at a time. 

Skills-based hiring requires a shift in how your entire organization thinks about talent recruitment and retention and you need buy in across all teams and departments. It can feel like an overwhelming change to implement so start one role at a time and make small changes to the recruitment process as you go. 

Update your job descriptions. 

Start by thinking about what skills are necessary for success in the role and challenge any unnecessary qualifications, education requirements or years of experience. From there, draft a job description that focuses on the key responsibilities and competencies. 

Refine your interview process. 

Effective skills-based interviewing requires some preparation, but when done well it will reduce biases and helping you identify the best candidates for the job. Develop a structured interview process that assesses candidates based on the required skills and competencies for the role. Each candidate should be asked the same questions, in the same order to ensure they’re all being evaluated on the same criteria

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