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Gain an edge in the battle for talent: create an exceptional hiring experience

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Although the economy remains uncertain, the red-hot labour market shows little sign of slowing down.  Job seekers are looking for higher wages, better workplace benefits, remote or hybrid work arrangements and inclusive and supportive environments. They also expect hiring processes that recognize their in-demand value.

Creating a positive hiring process can make or break a candidate's relationship with a company (sometimes before it even starts). And a bad hiring process can cost a company the key candidate they want to hire. 

Our Toronto recruiters have developed a winning approach to guiding our clients and candidates through the hiring process. Here are our executive recruiting team's key strategies for delivering a white glove experience that will attract the talent you want:

1. Establish candidate relationships proactively and early.

No longer just a practice when filling C-suite roles, reaching out to applicants for all level positions early and often during a hiring process is a critical step in this very hot job market.  Start with providing a clear overview of the process, timelines, and provide feedback and updates whenever you can throughout. These touchpoints help the candidate feel valued and build a relationship quickly with you and your organization. 

People work for people, and interviews provide a key opportunity to establish a relationship with a candidate, not just assess their skills and experience. Consider starting with a less formal meeting such as a coffee, lunch or a casual chat before proceeding to more formalized screening. Often this initial conversation can quickly reveal if the candidate's values align with your organization, before you move forward.

2. Showcase your mission, values and culture.

Most highly skilled and in demand job seekers today want more than a job, they want to be part of an organization that provides a sense of purpose and pride. According to PwC, culture is so meaningful that 33% of C-suite candidates would take a lower salary to work for a mission-driven organization that aligns with their values. 

But simply talking about your culture during the hiring process is not enough, you need to let candidates experience it firsthand. This could be a social event, a meet and greet, job shadowing or a networking opportunity that gives prospective candidates a sense of what it's like to work in your organization

3. Highlight the benefits and rewards today's job seekers are looking for. 

Beyond a higher salary, job seekers today are looking for a variety of benefits and perks. These include flexible work arrangements, including remote and hybrid work, health and wellness support and most importantly, learning and development opportunities. Job seekers are willing to trade an average of 11.7% of their salary for training and flexibility-and that figure rises to 12.4% among those who work in in-demand fields like technology.

4. Streamline and speed up your process.

As a team of recruiters who work on hundreds of roles per year, we know hiring for a key position in your company can take some time. But unfortunately in today's market you can lose candidates to companies with faster hiring times if your process drags out too much. According to PwC, 62% of working professionals say they lose interest two weeks after an initial interview if they haven't heard back.

Look for ways to optimize your hiring process and eliminate bottlenecks or lag times. For example, integrate behavioural and cognitive assessments early in the process so you don't waste time probing for certain skills or attributes in interviews, and block off time in key decision makers' calendars at the start of the recruitment stage for interviews and meetings. 

Make sure the decision makers on the hiring  team are committed and aligned before the interview process begins. Predetermine the approach and timelines at the start. Don't be afraid to include more than one decision maker in the interview to maximize time, or stack shorter 30 minute one-on-ones.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

At South End Partners, our Toronto executive recruiters work with large and small organizations to gain an edge in the battle for talent by delivering an exceptional recruiting experience for clients and candidates alike.  Reach out to find out how we can help you find your next great hire.