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Empathy is the most important leadership skill right now

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Empathy has always been a critical skill for leaders, but it is taking on a new level of meaning and priority.


Far from a soft approach empathy can drive significant business results. Research demonstrates empathetic leadership can drive significant business results by boosting innovation, engagement and retention.

Empathy boosts employee innovation.

61% of employees are able to be more innovative when their leaders are empathetic. 

Empathy increases employee engagement. 

76% of people with empathetic leaders are engaged compared with only 32% who experience less empathy.

Empathetic managers encourage retention.

Employees are unlikely to think of leaving their companies if they feel their managers are empathetic to their life circumstances. 

Empathy contributes to positive relationships, strong organizational cultures and it also drives business results. Empathy may not be a brand new skill, but it has a new level of importance for leaders in today's climate.  It is especially clear how empathy is the leadership competency to develop and demonstrate now and in the future of work.

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