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Help your employees learn and increase your bottom line

Employee Learning

By helping your employees develop and learn, you can unlock a wealth of valuable skills and create a future-proof workforce.

According to LinkedIn’s 2024 Workplace Learning Report, companies that support employee learning have a 7% higher rate of promotions to management, 23% higher internal mobility rate, and 57% higher retention rate than those without learning programs. 

So what is learning worth to your business’s bottom line? A lot. 

Employees who learn are more likely to stay. 

One of the best ways to encourage employee longevity is to provide them with learning opportunities. This is especially important today because skills are changing rapidly. When employees know that the company is willing to invest in them and ensure their skills stay current, it increases morale and drives loyalty.

Employees who learn are more likely to make an internal move. 

When employees have opportunities to learn, they’re more likely to find their next role within the company versus leaving for a new job.

Research has found that businesses in North America lose more than a trillion dollars every year because of voluntary employee turnover. Replacing one employee can cost anywhere from a half to two times that employee’s salary. 

Top talent is attracted to companies that provide growth opportunities. Being able to showcase a commitment to career development and internal mobility can help an organization attract and retain the best talent on the market. 

Employees who learn can move into leadership roles faster. 

When companies invest in learning and development they are able to create a pipeline of future leaders within their organization. Learning programs help companies all identify high-potential employees and leaders and provide training and development that will benefit the business. Ultimately those individuals can jump into bigger roles and take on bigger projects quickly because of the knowledge and development they have gained.

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