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How can leaders develop their talent for the jobs of tomorrow?

Team development

We may not know what tomorrow’s jobs will look like, but we do know they will require today’s workforce to acquire new skills that keep up with the AI boom and rapidly changing technologies. 

So, how can leaders future-proof their talent and organization without knowing what tomorrow’s jobs or in-demand skills will be?

Here are three tips from out Toronto executive recruitment team. 

Look for potential

With the lifespan of current skills shrinking, leaders should hire and promote people for what they can do, rather than what they have done in the past. Look for ‘soft skills’ like curiosity, learning ability, resilience and adaptability, over job specific skills or technical expertise. 

Expand your talent’s talent 

Your entire team and organization will be better prepared for future changes if everyone continues to expand their talents and develop new strengths, rather than only focusing on specific niches or areas of expertise. 

Invest in leaders

Your leadership team will need to inspire and motivate your team to effectively navigate AI/technological change and learn new ways of working.

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