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How to build a high performing team.

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The culture of a team has a big impact on its performance. 


Here are the two elements leaders need to build, and protect, to build a high-performing team: 

Common understanding:

Every team member should understand how their own unique skills, expertise and job duties contribute to the bigger picture, meaning the performance of the team and organization. Leaders should also encourage and build their team’s understanding of each other, their strengths, weaknesses and motivations, which will contribute to overall team intelligence and success. 

Psychological safety:

This happens when team members feel safe expressing themselves, speaking up when they have questions or concerns, disagreeing with each other, making mistakes, and taking risks. Creating a safe culture encourages diverse perspectives and minimizes failures since team members are more likely to intervene and state their opinions or concerns before mistakes happen.

The most effective way for leaders to build psychological safety is to lead by example — by exhibiting vulnerability and trust. When you openly acknowledge your failures, uncertainties, or personal weaknesses, you’re signalling trust in your team.

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