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How to fuel team creativity.

Blog How to fuel creativity


Creativity is vital for innovation, but many leaders don’t always know how to tap into it with their team.

According to HBR, CEOs around the globe identify creativity as the top skill for business leaders, yet its one of the hardest competencies to develop. Here are three ways to fuel creativity on your team: 

Generate lots of good (and bad) ideas. 

Give your team the space and time to generate lots of ideas, good and bad. Having a variety of options is critical when facing business challenges and problems. 

Create space for failure. 

Give your team permission (and encouragement!) to fail. If they arent failing, they arent pushing and exploring broadly enough to learn and come up with successful solutions. 

Block time for ‘unscheduled time’. 

The most visionary leaders block time for exploration and idea generation. Encourage your team to block time off in advance - before their calendars get booked up. If you aren’t blocking time ahead of time, don’t be surprised if your teams “don’t have time to innovate” at the very moment a problem strikes.

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