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How to network effectively to get the job you want

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Up to 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections.

Whether you have been affected by a layoff, are looking for your next opportunity or want to continue to stay top of mind in your industry, networking is critical.

Here are some tips and tactics to help you strengthen and build new relationships:

Network with people you know first.

There’s no easier place to start networking than with people you already know such as current coworkers, mentors, professors or even friends.

Reactivate loose connections.

Reaching out to friends of friends, former colleagues and recruiters in a field you are interested in can open you up to even more circles. You don’t need to have a specific reason for reconnecting other than being interested in the other person and what they do. People are usually always open to talking about themselves, particularly when it’s with someone who is trying to learn from them.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.

Cultivating and updating a profile that reflects your interests, skills, and experiences encourages people and companies to reach out to you — opening yourself up to opportunities you may not even know about.

Keep in touch and follow up.

Perhaps the most important but overlooked step of networking is keeping in contact with people you’ve connected with. After a phone call or coffee chat, always remember to send a thank you note to the person who took time out of their day to talk to you and schedule time to follow up with them in the near future.