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How to successfully onboard your new hires.

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An onboarding program can make or break a new hire's experience.

In fact, research from Gallup shows that a great onboarding experience can boost employee retention by more than 50%.

The average onboarding program lasts 90 days but it typically takes employees 12 months to reach their full performance potential. But, employees who have a positive onboarding experience are almost three times as likely to feel prepared and supported, boosting their confidence and improving their ability to perform their job well

Here are three ways to set your onboarding program up for success:

  1. Set clear goals and measures for success. Your onboarding goals should focus on the four Cs: compliance, clarification, culture, and connection.
  2. Create a multi-departmental onboarding team. The sooner you can introduce your new hires to team members across the organization and importantly, to leadership, the better. 
  3. Provide support throughout the onboarding journey. Managers should spend as much time as possible on creating connections and clarity for new hires during this time.

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