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How to write job postings that strengthen your employer brand

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Job postings can be so much more than a list of requirements — they can strengthen your employer brand and inspire the right candidates to apply.  Use them strategically to grab and keep the attention of the candidates you’re really after.

Whether you are hiring a mid level E-commerce manager or a Head of Sales and Operations, below are the key elements our Toronto recruiters recommend organizations to create job postings that will draw the right candidates to apply: 

1. Remove the long paragraph about your company

Many companies start job descriptions with a standard boilerplate to introduce the company. Candidates can learn about your company elsewhere. Use the prime real estate at the top of your job posting to speak to your target candidates and sell them on your opportunity.

2. Delete buzzwords and unnecessary qualifications

Use simple language in your job ads and simplify your list of requirements to indicate what’s truly needed to do the job.

3. Replace ‘the ideal candidate’ with ‘you’

Whether your culture is serious or laid back, the people on the other end of your job description want you to speak to them. Be conversational, direct, and personal so that your top candidate thinks, “Yes! That’s me.”

Not sure where to start? We can help.

At South End Partners, our Toronto executive recruiters work with large and small organizations in various industries (from technology, to supply chain, to sales and operations) to help them find the right leaders for the right opportunities using an objective, data driven approach.  

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