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Is Quiet Quitting real? And what can leaders do about it?

Blog Image Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is no doubt the buzzword of the day.

The term refers to opting out of tasks that go beyond your assigned job duties, for example staying late, showing up early or raising your hand for additional projects.

Whether quiet quitting is not real, a trend, or just a new name for an old behaviour, the term is resonating with many people and it has opened up a broader discussion about employee engagement, worker compensation, a changing workforce and the future of work. 

Our Toronto recruiters have been following this trend, both in the news and in speaking with our clients. Here are our executive recruiting teams' key takeaways for leaders and organizations:

Listen and invest in your team.

When employees feel supported and valued by their organizations they are far less likely to disengage. Leaders need to take time to connect with employees and understand their needs. Beyond just showing empathy, this means taking tangible steps to help employees feel engaged at work, and to create an environment in which workers feel safe speaking up.

Empower direct managers. 

Feeling understood and supported by a direct boss makes the biggest difference in whether employees ‘quit quietly’. Managers need to build (or rebuild) strong, trusting relationships with direct reports and communicate openly and honestly about their expectations of employees from day one. 

Support work life balance.

Some amount of job creep and expansion is normal, but the pandemic pushed many employees to work longer hours and take on additional responsibilities. Now is likely a good moment for managers to recalibrate employees’ core job responsibilities and then focus on motivating workers to perform their most essential job tasks at a high level while giving them space to take care of themselves outside of work.


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