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Look for these qualities in every new hire. 

Top qualities April 6

People are your most important asset.

And ultimately are the reason your business grows, innovates and succeeds. 


According to Harvard Business Review, regardless of industry, there are common traits that all leaders should look for when hiring new people to join their team. 

An entrepreneurial mindset. 

People with an entrepreneurial mindset are typically very resilient, resourceful, and solutions-oriented, even when faced with challenges. They are lifelong learners who are curious, creative, and critical thinkers.  You can assess whether a candidate has an entrepreneurial mindset by probing how they solve problems, how they develop plans, how they make decisions in stressful situations and importantly, how they push through failure and setbacks. 


Curiosity is the foundation for building a growth-minded organizational culture. People who are curious love to ask questions and explore the world around them. They are eager to experiment with new ideas and challenge the status quo, which leads to innovation and creativity - all things that are critical to helping your organization adapt and evolve. 

To gauge a candidate’s curiosity ask questions about learning opportunities they have pursued on their own, initiatives they have taken without being asked or how they explore subjects that interest them. 


Having a strong self-awareness is one of the most powerful leadership traits a person can have. People with a strong understanding of strengths and areas of improvement are able to successfully build positive relationships with those around them, and ultimately drive change and progress within an organization. 

Most people think they are self-aware, but likely are not as aware as they think.  Hiring managers can probe self-awareness by asking a candidate how a colleague would describe them which shows how well they understand their relationship with those around them. 

Growth potential. 

Hiring a candidate for potential, rather than past experience can give companies access to untapped talent.  A candidate with growth potential has ambition and drive, and a willingness to learn and grow within their role. 

During an interview, leaders can assess growth potential by asking candidates to provide examples of how they have improved themselves and their organizations in the past.  A candidate with growth potential will also have a clear idea of what they want to learn in the new role to expand their skill set and expertise.


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