Our Toronto executive recruitment team shares the latest insights, tips and tricks to help you hire the right leaders for the right opportunities.


Make every hire, a great hire. (You can’t afford not to.)

make every hire a great hire

People are every organization's most important (and expensive) asset. 

But, more than 75% of executives say they dont have and cant find the right people in the right roles.  


A bad hiring decision can cost you time, resources and money. 

Whatever happens in the economy, the best professional talent will continue to be scarce and hard fought over. And when the market inevitably bounces back again, hiring will be harder than before. 

You need to make every hire the right hire. 

Organizations with the right people in the right roles have 42% lower turnover. They are also able to build stronger cultures, drive business results and position their team to  ride out any economic storms. 

The estimated cost of a bad hire ranges from 5 to 27 times the amount of the person's actual salary. 

While the financial impact is quantifiable, chief financial officers actually rank a bad hire's morale and productivity impacts ahead of monetary losses. 

We find the right leaders, for the right opportunities. 

South End Partners has helped companies like yours eliminate millions in hiring mistakes and employee turnover costs. We deliver off-market superstars - the 70% of talent that is currently not actively looking for a job.

Our team is backed by proprietary AI technology and a world-class insider network, meaning we consistently deliver the highest-caliber talent and guarantee a great hire, every time. 

Our recruiters operate differently. 

Our technology enables proven results. 

Our network provides access to unmatched talent.

We have successfully recruited over 400 senior leadership roles over the last 5 years, partnering with some of Canada's biggest and fastest-growing brands.

Our Toronto executive recruiters work with large and small organizations across industries (from technology, to manufacturing and supply chain, to HR, e-commerce, sales and operations) to help them find the right leaders for the right opportunities using an objective, data driven approach.

We also provide comprehensive HR consulting services including onboarding support, interview coaching and training, and strategies to develop your superstar teams.

Ready to see our results in action? 

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