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Using proprietary HR analytics, development coaching and counselling process, we source top executive candidates to help our clients achieve organizational success. Our approach helps clients hire objectively, so they avoid making subjective (and costly) HR mistakes.

Executive Recruitment Process

We start with you

We start by listening so that we can thoroughly understand your organization’s HR needs: what type of leader are you looking for, what are your corporate goals?  What’s keeping your leaders awake at night? What are the key aspects of your culture that you want to cultivate or change?

Leveraging our analytic assessment tools, we work with you to craft a profile of your ideal candidate, measuring four key cognitive and behavioural traits as guidelines.

We leverage our network + data

We typically spend 100+ hrs researching and screening candidates. We use one of the largest recruiting databases in North America to target top talent and market your organization. We engage with our large network of local and national relationships to identify a diverse pool of candidates that meet your needs. We thoroughly assess all candidates to make sure they are in line with your profile, culture and desired experience.

We present only the top tier

We present a targeted shortlist with candidate overviews, resumes and testing so you have a comprehensive understanding of the candidate before the interview even begins. We use our enhanced screening process to top grade candidates.

Not every client has the opportunity to conduct thousands of interviews a year.  We use our deep interviewing expertise to work with our clients if needed to design optimal interview questions and scenarios so they are prepared to ask the right questions.

We validate our results

We typically spend 12+ hrs screening and interviewing candidates' references. We probe with cognitive based questions to understand how the candidate has performed under stress, how they learn, what drives them and key results they achieved so that we can further validate a successful hire.

HR Consulting

Our value does not end with a successful hire, we often partner with clients to help them optimize all aspects of their HR process. This includes:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve internal screening processes
  • Enhancing interviewing techniques
  • Creating balanced scorecards and performance management documents to help further develop your greatest asset
  • Creating on-boarding documents to make sure you can optimize your new employee’s talent faster
  • Cognitive and behavioural assessments for your current team to help boost performance and discover hidden gems

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