Our Toronto executive recruitment team shares the latest insights, tips and tricks to help you hire the right leaders for the right opportunities.


Ready to hire a recruitment firm? We have some questions for YOU.


Establishing long-term partnerships is how we ensure your success. That’s why we encourage new clients to thoroughly assess if we are the right fit for their recruitment needs. But we also come armed with a few questions of our own.

Before we get started, it's critical we understand your current situation in order to determine if we are the right executive recruitment firm for you.

Do you have a clear understanding of the role you are hiring for?

Whether it's a new position or a replacement, a clear role profile will help us quickly understand the type of leader you are looking for. We then use our assessment tools to craft a profile of your ideal candidate, measuring four key cognitive and behavioral traits as guidelines. This means the candidates we present don’t just look good on paper, but are truly an ideal fit for your organization and for the role.

Don't have a clear role profile? We can help. Our recruitment team will create one with you before we start the search. It's an essential first step in our process so that we avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Are you on market with salary?

While we always aggressively market your role opportunity to potential applicants, the reality is we cannot deliver all-star candidates if you aren't offering a competitive salary. Candidates are leveraging today’s tight job market to secure higher wages, better benefits and more flexibility in their new roles.

Not sure if your compensations is on market? We can help. Our team of recruiters will provide you with detailed market intelligence including compensation trends and the talent landscape. We can then work with you to determine the right types of candidates to target for the role based on responsibilities and compensation.

Do you have a plan for interviews?

It's a job seekers market, which means companies need to move fast and decisively to get the talent they want. A lengthy or stalled interview process means you risk losing a candidate.

During our kick off, our recruiting team will discuss your interviewing process and structure: who is conducting interviews, how many meetings candidates can expect and high level dates for planning. We can also help with developing interview questions or any other support your team needs to move through interviews effectively.

Do you have an onboarding plan?

First impressions matter. Onboarding can make or break a new hire’s experience. A good onboarding plan will set your new hire up for success and enable them to deliver results quicker.

If you need support developing an onboarding plan, we can help. Often we’ll work with clients beyond the offer signing to help ensure their new hire is onboarded effectively.