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Successful job seekers have this one key trait

Blog job seekers have this one trait

According to new research, those heading into the job market today or seeking an internal promotion must possess a crucial quality: adaptability.

This quality has not always been in such demand. Before the pandemic, adaptability wasnt as sought out but today its shows you can thrive in an uncertain business environment. 

Here are a few ways to demonstrate your adaptability when interviewing for a new role or seeing an internal promotion: 

Show how you are a creative problem-solver. 

Don’t say, “I’m adaptable,” but demonstrate it. Provide concrete examples of ways you have successfully tackled challenges or overcome obstacles. Be specific. Show how and when you came to your conclusions, how you implemented them, and what quantifiable results you got from your creative solution.

Be open to new ideas. 

Show how you are not fixed in your thinking but are open to new ideas. Job seekers should prepare at least one story that shows how they pivoted from believing they had the best idea, to listening and discovering there was a better approach they were willing to embrace.

Be resourceful in meeting goals.

No matter your job title, you can speak about your ability to meet goals, even when the financial or human resources you’ve been given are reduced. Showcase how you got creative and met your your goals even when circumstances changed.

Take on new responsibilities.  

Show your adaptability by talking about when you took on extra assignments, such as jumping in on a large project or helping a colleague. This gives you an opportunity to show your value outside of your current role responsibilities and could lead to a promotion.

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