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The five qualities to look for in a new hire

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The success of your organization hinges on your people.


Our Toronto recruiters work with clients across North America in numerous industries, from manufacturing recruitment, to engineering and supply chain recruitment, to help them find their next great hire.

These industries all present their unique talent and hiring challenges and opportunities. But, there are come common competencies and traits that we look for in potential candidates across any industry or role.

Here are five qualities to look for when making a new hire that will benefit nearly any team and workplace culture:

Entrepreneurial mindset:

An entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just for people who want to start their own business, it can benefit any team. Entrepreneurship is reflected in how an employee develops plans, the decisions they make in stressful situations, and their willingness to try something again that didn’t go as planned.


This is a cornerstone of building a strong organizational culture. Employees who demonstrate curiosity ask questions about the world and the people around them. They want to experiment with new ideas and bring a learning mindset to the role and workplace, which leads to more innovation and creativity.


Everyone has the potential to be a leader, even if it is not formally part of their job title or responsibilities. Look for employees who find ways to work within organizational constraints to create meaningful progress while leveraging their genuine relationships and expertise.


A self-aware employee knows their strengths and what areas they need to develop further in, which they actively work toward. This understanding of both their strengths and weaknesses contributes to a positive relationship with others.

Growth potential: 

An employee with growth potential has ambition and drive, which benefits them and your organization. With ongoing support and resources, you can position the employee to strengthen your organization now and in the future.

Source: Harvard Business Review


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