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Why soft skills are critical for job success. 

soft skills

Emotional intelligence is often called a“soft skill” in the workplace. But there’s nothing “soft” about the positive career impacts these skills have. 


Studies show 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills. 

Developing these not-so-soft skills is just as—if not more— important than mastering the technical aspects of a job:


Practicing empathy helps you to better understand where someone is coming from and how they think, so you can adapt accordingly. 


Most people think they are self-aware, but studies show only about 10% to 15% actually are. Knowing personal strengths, weaknesses, and goals is an essential foundation for emotional intelligence and is critical, especially for people leaders. 


Strong collaboration and teamwork helps increase productivity and quality. Effectively communicating responsibilities and playing to each team member’s strengths bolsters healthy working relationships. 

Organizational Awareness

Understanding internal networks and power dynamics within an organization is crucial, and is key to moving forward any ideas or projects. 


Staying attuned to organizational change and adapting accordingly is an invaluable skill. The past few years have reaffirmed that change is constant, and adaptability will give you an edge.

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